The main function of the Directorate is to conduct research through archives and to publish publications on various subjects.

A Note-worthy publication as follows:-

  • 1. Facsimile Handwritings of the Hotable Personalities of Maratha History (in Marathi) Edited by Dr. M. G. Dikshit and V. G. Khobarekar, 1969.
  • 2. The Handbook of the Bombay Archives, Compiled by Sanjiv P. Desai, Associate Compiler R. S. Pednekar, Edited by Capt. Dr. B. G. Kunte, 1978.
  • 3. Emblems & Moots of former Indian States, Compiled & Collected by S. R . Purohit, Edited by Capt. Dr. B. G. Kunte1978.
  • 4. Catalogue of Maps in the Bombay Archives, Vol. I, Complied by S. P. Desai, V. T. Gondil & A. K. Kharade, 1979.
  • 5. Calendar of the “Quit India” Movement in the Bombay Presidency, Edited by Dr. S. P. Desai, General Editor Bhaskar Dhatavkar, 1985.
  • 6. Shivachatrapatinchya Patranche Pratirup Darshan, Edited by Bhaskar Dhatavkar, 1987.
  • 7. Rajashri Shahu Chhatrapatinche Nivdak Adesh, Part II (Marathi), Edited by Dr. A. P. Jamkhedkar, 1989.
  • 8. Chhatrapati Rajaram Maharaj yanche Nivdak Adesh, Vol. I (Marathi), Edited by Bhaskar Dhatavkar, 2006.
  • 9. Descriptive Catalogue of the Marine Department Diary 1818-1820, General Editor Suprabha Agarwal, 2012.
  • 10. Chatrapati Rajaram Maharajanche Vichar, Editor Director, Directorate of Archives, 2018.

Government Publications

Printed books, published by various governments’ departments - 1,25,318
‘O’ Series 21,574
‘N’ Series 50,000
‘A’ Series 01,095
‘R’ Series (till date) 52,649